Advanced Horticulture LLC

Advanced Horticulture LLC is a production farm under greenhouses in Al Ain, UAE producing fresh cut flowers and vegetables all year round. By utilising state of the art pad and fan cooling systems the farms can grow produce even during the height of summer where outside temperatures reach over 50 degree Celsius.

Based upon over 14 years of horticultural experience in the growing, farming and harvesting of fresh flowers, Advanced Horticulture serves the domestic need for fresh cut flowers. The company can deliver anywhere through a simple easy system that links end-users, distributors, florists and wholesalers directly with the grower. This unique system ensures that higher quality flowers are delivered fresher, faster and less expensive.

Taking the art of the enjoyment of flowers and vegetables to an entirely new level, Advanced Horticulture stands for the commitment to excellence in the quality of the product and the life of the produce in the customers' hands.

A company wholly owned by Abdulla Al Masaood & Sons.

Contact Details:

P.O.Box 47322,
Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates
Tel:                  +971 (0) 3 7321912
Fax:                 +971 (0) 3 7322727