Emirates Mushrooms

Emirates Mushrooms is the first and only mushroom growing farm in the UAE and prides itself as the only fully organic mushroom grower in the market to date. The farm consists of 10 specially designed growing rooms with a production capacity of 8000 kg of mushrooms per week through-out the year.

The company also produces its own compost for growing mushrooms and uses only the best raw materials which are imported from countries like Holland, France and the United Kingdom.

Producing over 10 different mushroom varieties freshly picked and hand selected on a daily basis, Emirates Mushrooms products are found throughout the UAE in grocery stores as well as in the finest restaurants.

A company wholly owned by Abdulla Al Masaood & Sons.

Contact Details:

P.O.Box 19975
Al Ain
Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates

Tel:                  +971 (0) 3 7347401
Fax:                 +971 (0) 3 7347402
Email:              mushroom@emirates.net.ae