Business Services

The Business Services segment covered by Al Masaood is made up of diverse disciplines including insurance, legal, IT, media, and hygiene services.

These services are leading, quality-focused, businesses underpinned by Al Masaoods core values system committed to excellence in delivering quality and customer service.

Each of the businesses within this segment is independent and is encouraged to compete against each other for the benefit of the market and its clients.


Berns Brett Masaood LLC

An Independent Insurance Broker, Advisor and Risk Manager



Humaid Al Masaood Software Systems

Designers and developers of computer software


Leaders Insurance Brokers

Insurance brokers


Marvel Solutions LLC

Providers of oracle software applications, services and solutions


Nomad Media

A 360° media production company and agency



Solutions Hygiene LLC

Providing commercial and residential cleaning and hygiene services



Computing software and consulting service providers to the oil and gas industry