The Al Masaood Group continues to strive to develop the arid lands of the UAE to yield sustainable produce for the local market. By adopting latest technologies and techniques, the Group is able to produce high quality crops that can be found throughout UAE retail outlets as well as in the finest restaurants.

At the present time, the Al Masaood Group is concentrating its efforts on producing the highest quality and variety of roses and lilies as well as a wide range of vegetables, with particular emphasis on organic mushroom growing to satisfy the increasing demand of the market. In addition, extensive trials are being carried out on the growing of freshly cut herbs.

All produce is grown hydroponically, in a growing medium (coco peat) with all water that is used being recycled. Each crop is only given what water and fertilizer is required thus saving on both fertilizer and water usage and adhering to correct principles accepted worldwide by all fair-trade labels.

The horticultural segment comprises the following companies:


Advanced Horticulture

Producer of the highest quality of flowers and vegetables


Emirates Mushrooms

Grower and distributor of organic mushroom farm