Al Masaood has been involved in the development of water resources from its early beginnings. The Group worked with Weir Westgarth in developing the first desalination plant and laying of the first water mains to Abu Dhabi, and today, this involvement in the water sector continues.

The Al Masaood Group's water segment interests provide commercial, repair and maintenance support to internationally renowned companies pursuing large water projects in the UAE. To complement these services, the Group distributes pumps, pipes and surge vessels to clients and contractors.

The involvement of these companies in the water sector goes hand in hand with the Al Masaood Group's strong interest in the power market, satisfying the utility needs of the region.


Al Masaood Industrial Equipment Division

Distributor and supplier of a wide range of equipment to the water segment



Al Masaood Projects & Engineering Services Division

Provider of commercial support of major companies operating in the power, oil and gas, petrochemical and water sectors



AM Drossbach

Manufacturer and supplier of corrugated tubing to water sector



KSB Service LLC

Maintenance and repair of pumps, valves and motors