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All New Nissan X-TRAIL’s popularity continues to grow in Abu Dhabi

All New Nissan X-TRAIL’s popularity continues to grow in Abu Dhabi

Friday, 27 October 2023

Al Masaood Automobiles, the exclusive distributor for Nissan in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and the Western region is witnessing a continuing increase in sales of the latest edition of the Nissan X-TRAIL. The All New Nissan X-TRAIL has undergone a significant transformation, with the new model featuring large upgrades to both exterior and interior design, as well as the integration of new technology and safety elements.

Catering to diverse customer expectations for a capable and practical SUV, the All-New Nissan X-TRAIL saw its overall market share in the Gulf region grow by six points during the first half of 2023, as reported by Nissan Middle East. At Al Masaood Automobiles, sales of the All New Nissan X-TRAIL started very strong early this year, outpacing the last quarter of 2022. The trend has only persisted, with sales of the car in Abu Dhabi during the first three quarters of 2023 registering a remarkable 165% increase compared to the same period last year.

The model has particularly been popular with Asian expats who accounted for 28.8% of total vehicle sales in Abu Dhabi towards the beginning of this year. By mid-year, the car had established a well-deserved positive reputation in the market, taking the number up to 31.1%. It has now reached a notable 33.9%, reaffirming the vehicle’s popularity as a compelling choice for this segment.

An analysis of the UAE car sales market by the Glasgow Consulting Group in 2021 showed that while global car sales data show a higher percentage of sedan vehicles at around 40% to 45% and SUVs at around 20% to 30% depending on the country, UAE sales data showed the exact opposite. SUVs dominate the UAE market, while sedans make up for a lower percentage of sales. This preference is likely to have influenced purchase habits accounting for a large number of the sales of the All New Nissan X-TRAIL, which offers a multitude of comfort and technology features at a more affordable price point.

“The exponential increase in sales of the All New Nissan X-TRAIL over the course of the year is a testament to our customers’ satisfaction with the new model’s innovative features and upgrades. The versatile SUV has seamlessly integrated style, technology, and connectivity thereby elevating drivers’ experience behind the wheel. To complement this highly sought-after vehicle, we always look forward to providing customers with a value-added purchasing and ownership experience that best serves their needs.” said Bachir Gemayel, Sales & Marketing Director at Al Masaood Automobiles.

Earning praise for its customization options, the All New Nissan X-TRAIL presents customers with the flexibility to personalize their vehicle in a way that suits them best. The Premium Urban Crossover also hosts a broad range of aesthetic and practicality upgrades that have resonated deeply with customers. One of the factors contributing to the model’s continuing success is its impressive safety features. The Nissan Safety Shield 360 – a collection of active safety features from Nissan Intelligent Mobility that include blind spot and lane departure warning technologies, pedestrian detection, and a number of other features – makes this the safest X-TRAIL model ever, further increasing its appeal for families looking for a high quality, comfortable, stylish, yet safe SUV.

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